A Strong Association

for Strong Centers

A Strong Association

All startup centers across the Baden-Württemberg’s regions are members of our association that represents over 1,000 startup companies. Until now, our association’s technology and startup centers have supported over 2,000 company launches that have created more than 20,000 jobs.

Network and Cooperation

We’re a cooperation partner for anyone who supports startups. We bring cooperation partners together, offer access to our networks, advise members of the association and anyone else who’s interested. We also support regions and municipalities in setting up their own technology and innovation centers and serve as a contact person for these activities.

Promoting the Future – Designing the Future

We take care of the expertise and knowledge exchange and work towards creating interesting, jobs of the future. We support high tech – high tech that’s from our region of Baden-Württemberg and stays here. We keep technology and startup center leaders up to speed with the challenges of the future and ensure that startups follow a path of success.

Here is a map of the Technology and Startup Centers in Baden Württemberg​

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